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"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."

Our colorful team is comprised of family, long-standing co-workers, students, academics and good portion of cultural diversity. Trust, mutual respect and joy in our work are the pillars our enterprise rests on. All staff is part of our family and all of us work to live, but do not live to work.


The Team

The Lendplatzl crew presents itself colorful, as unique as our company philosophy and always helpful. No matter if we can boast in a relationship that by now spans decades or if we are motivated by a breath of fresh air through one of our new members - everybody does their part to ensure our shared success. We are truly thankful for our outstanding team and every individual's talents.

The Family

We are convinced that family is our secret ingredient for success. We try hard to creat a familial atmosphere in al areas of our business. From the office to the kitchen, through all our outlets all the other and thus can rely on a strong Lendplatzl family.

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Lendplatzl Chronicles

First founded in the 17th century our house has a long standing tradition of waiting on its guests. Throughout history as a restaurant, an inn and even a postal carriage station these historic walls and vaults gave seen countless souls finding shelter in them. The Klug family has been continuing the long standing tradition of hospitality since 1984. Since then named "Lendplatzl" and committed to keep up with the legacy of warm, welcoming friendliness as has always been the custom in Graz.


Wir suchen dich!

Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach motivierten Neuzugängen für unser Team!

Fülle einfach die Felder aus und lade gerne deinen Lebenslauf und deine Bewerbung hoch!

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